If you are after a reliable and comprehensive log book service that protects your new car warranty, then Toowoomba Automotive Services is the team to trust.

Quality Parts

We maintain the highest Australian standards by only using quality products, parts and brands to ensure your manufacturer warranty on your new vehicle is protected.


Our fully qualified motor vehicle technician has over 35 years industry experience and will ensure that your car is in capable and skilled hands.

ACC Warranty Requirements

Under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL), automatic consumer guarantees apply to many products and services you buy regardless of any other warranties suppliers sell or give to you. However, it is still important to understand how these warranties apply to goods or services you buy.


Can you get your car serviced by someone other than the business or an authorised agent of the business that sold the car without voiding the warranty? The short answer is ‘yes’. Though there are some conditions: 

New vehicle warranty:

Where a problem arises with the vehicle that is covered under the warranty, the vehicle should be taken to the dealer for repair. Those repairs should be done for free of charge under the warranty. 

New and used vehicle servicing:

In relation to general servicing, motor vehicle dealers are entitled to insist that any servicing performed on cars they sell is carried out by qualified staff, according to the manufacturer’s specifications, and using genuine or appropriate quality parts where required. Provided these conditions are met, regardless of where you choose to get your car serviced, your warranty will remain intact. So shop around. 

Qualified staff:

Qualified staff is a party or parties, other than an ‘authorised dealer’, who is capable of performing car servicing. Some servicing venues display qualification certificates, but if you’re not sure the staff are qualified, just ask. 


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