Toowoomba Auto Servicing can help you with your road Worthy Certificates and safety checks.

In Queensland a safety certificate is needed when: 

  • a registered light vehicle is offered for sale in Queensland, or
  • transferring registration to a new owner, or
  • when transferring to Queensland registration from another state or territory, or
  • when re-registering an unregistered vehicle

Vehicles we service for a safety certificate are: 

  • cars and trucks up to 4.5 tonne

This inspection covers the basic vehicle safety standards for many components including: 

  • tyres 
  • brakes 
  • steering 
  • suspension 
  • body rust or damage 
  • windscreen 
  • lights. 

The Vehicle Inspection Guidelines explain how a safety certificate inspection is performed and the reasons a vehicle may fail an inspection. 

Contact us today to arrange a road safety check on your vehicle.

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